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I want to welcome everyone to Modesty Odyssey, our monthly blog where we will be talking all things Modest. Fashion, News and Lifestyle.

In this first short edition, I would like to take the time to reflect and give thanks on this journey.

First of all, I want to thank Coralie Rose for seeing the beauty in a modest woman. Secondly, I would like to thank H&M (or as my mum would call it Hennes) for thinking out of the box and opening the doors of modesty to the mainstream fashion world. And of course a huge shout out to Mr & Mrs Idrissi for producing what can only be described as a mixed race Hijabi Queen.

Ok, guys, this is me totally fan girling...I will stop now.

In all seriousness that encounter back in 2015 has changed the lives of so many Hijab wearing and modest women. I know it has opened a lot more doors for myself and now here we have the world's first International modest modelling agency. I just want to also give thanks to everyone that I have met and for those who have encouraged me along the way. To all the people who believed in me when it was just an idea in the mind of a newly born modest woman. And most importantly to my beautiful models. You beauties are why this has been possible.

I also recognise all those who said it couldn't be done or shouldn't be done. To those who didn't believe in my dream or my abilities, you guys are the real MVP’s as you gave me that extra motivation I needed to see this through.

Modest modelling sounds like a complete oxymoron, how can you be modest and yet be in the limelight?! While modesty has a million and one definitions, we recognise that modesty is how you perceive it to be. At UMMA MODELS we hold our own definition of modesty and our slogan is “Modesty Beyond Clothes”. Whereas, in the mainstream fashion world modesty is to “cover the torso and above the knee”. At UMMA MODELS we go beyond that, our models reflect their personalities with a modesty both on and off camera. Making your experience like nothing you have known before.#Nodivashere #youcansitwithus.

Hopefully moving forward more doors will open for modest women, and with more exciting things to come, we are looking forward to a healthy, productive modest adventure. So pin down your hijabs and hold down that maxi as you join us on our Modesty Odyssey!

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