A/W 17 Hijabi Season

For most girls, Summer is the height of the minimal ensemble. From tight boob tubes, denim shorts and daring plunge necked sun dresses. But for us Hijabis it's a time for trying to stay cool in the 22-degree heat (UK Summer) in the layers whilst trying to completely cover our awra with sheer kimonos, cotton abayas and chiffon hijabs. We love the breaks and the vibes of Summer just like other girls but we secretly count down the colder months to when we can shine.

The months where we say Alhamdulillah for the layers, the high necklines and the long sleeved full length garments that help keep us nice and cosy in the frost air.

These are the months we've been practising for. Our modest fashion winter Olympics. Curling and twirling in our floor-sweeping embroidered abayas. Our figure skating A-line maxi skirts. Bob-Slaying in our cashmere scarves. Hijabis from all nations taking home the bronze, silver and gold medals in all modest categories.

Our indecorous inverse sisters lag behind out of breathe and out dressed by the Queens of cover-ups. Any clothes will do to keep their sun-drenched skin heated. Jeans, boots and a jumper is the peak of their aristocracy. The sun is gone it's now time for a new reign. Us hijabis we know how to keep our pyrexia high and our regalia higher. Roll on the dark knights and modesty dynasty as we all hail the Haute Hijabi.

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