About Us

UMMA MODELS established in 2017. The UMMA MODELS is a licensed Agency located in London, England.


In addition to being a start-up agency in London, we book Models worldwide.


Our mission is to provide clients with a service to promote their business using Modest Models, who practice modesty in their daily lives. The majority of our models are Muslim women, however, some of the models may be of another faith or have not followed a faith but suit the company's values.


UMMA MODELS’ aim is to be working to improve the pornographic stigma associated with modelling and give modest women an opportunity to work within the industry and with a company that adheres to the ways of a modest lifestyle. This also works in relation to supporting religious women who want to be within the modelling industry. Uniquely, we recognise the importance of giving models a contract that allows them to adhere to their daily prayer schedules and follows their religious guidelines.


UMMA MODELS represents Modest Models with divisions in Fashion print, Plus size, Runway, Lifestyle, Commercial print, Motions, Showroom, Fit, Promotional, and Television Commercials.

In recent times Modest Fashion is trending and trying to breakthrough within the mainstream industry. The models currently used for modest fashion attire are models that can also be seen to be wearing immodest clothing on other modelling assignments. By using an UMMA MODELS model you have the peace of mind knowing that your brand or company reputation will not be tarnished by the models that you hire.


The intention is to work with established and start-up Businesses to assist in promoting and building their ideas. This will be done through advertising campaigns.

In addition, UMMA MODELS will work in partnership with charities

The founder and director decided to create an agency that carried the integrity she felt was lacking in the world of Modelling that became apparent when working within the industry for the past 5 years.


"I noticed that there was a lack of recognisable Modest figures within the industry that children and youths could identify with in terms of fashion and lifestyle".